Arcade & Action:GunBird 2 v2.1.2.307a for android apk games

Published:2016-08-15 | Tag:GunBird 2(1) | Developed by admin

- Unique characters and interesting story!
Each character has own story and special ending
Gun Bird's infinite attraction different to other simple flying game
- Fun from endlessly unfolding various stage!
Various stage formats with all around the world as a background!!
- Fantastic partner flying like double players' game
If you purchase a partner, you can fly with two character by yourself!!
- Harmony of splendid lethal move and powerful skill
Each character has own lethal move which can activate at the critical moment!
- The levels can be enjoyed by men and women of all ages
3 levels available for everyone to enjoy
- Giant boss that fills up the screen
Various bosses appear at every stage!
How to play
Slide screen: Moves character
Touch skill button: Fires close attack by using a part of gauge collected on the top
Touch skill button for long: Fires long distance attack by using the gauge collected on the top.
Touch bomb button: Blocks enemy's bullet by using bomb.
[Android 6.0 OS or higher user Notification]
If you want to change phone and don't want to lose your data. Apps Management-> GunBird 2 -> Permissions -> allow