Sports Games:Soccer Hit v1.0.57 for APK game download

Published:2016-07-21 | Tag:apk game(20)Soccer Hit(1) | Developed by admin

Soccer Hit v1.0.57 for APK game download

Play soccer in a brand new way - have fun with fast arcade gameplay, simple controls and unique art style. Tap and swipe to aim, pass the ball between players - be precise! Tap as fast as you can to defend.
Take part in Euro, Asia, America, Africa and Oceania Cup - win all the trophies!
Ideal for taking break in Euro cup 2016 or Copa America, predicting results and winning the cup!
- one touch controls
- 200+ national teams (from all continents)
- 3 game modes (quick match, career - tower of fame, cups)
- 7 different cups to play (euro, north america, africa, asia, etc)
- 12+ trophies to achieve
- cards with funny gifts and specials
- different pitches and weather conditions
- no offsides
- no red cards
- extra time and penalties included
- goal replay sharing (turn it off on older devices for better performance)
Remember - in Soccer Hit there are no offsides and red cards - pure arcade-football-soccer experience.
IMPORTANT: If you facing some performance issues (on older devices) disable "RECORD REPLAYS" option. Use it only when you want to share some awesome videos of your goals!