Animal:Animal Live Wallpapers

Published:2014-09-09 | Tag:Animal(2) | Developed by admin

Video Live wallpapers with animals can really make your Android devices look alive and interesting. Simply install the application, select the video and confirm. You can choose awesome live wallpapers with animals such as horses, parrot, snake, frog, etc. All in very high quality.
Choose from many of the other available categories and download more stunning live wallpapers. Not only animals!
Does it work on all smartphones?
- Video wallpaper available in the application are in very high quality and resolution. Therefore, the older models of smartphones with worse screens may have a problem with the correct display of wallpapers. These live wallpapers has been tested on latest devices for android.
How can I download videos from the app?
- Video wallpapers are inseparable and integral part of the application. It is not possible to use them in any other way.
We will continue to work on development of new features and functionality.