Animal:Cute Kitty Live Wallpaper

Published:2014-10-22 | Tag:Cute(9)Kitty(1) | Developed by admin

Did you always want to have your own little kitten to play with, but never had a chance? You are in luck – with ✪ Cute Kitty Live Wallpaper ✪ you will have your own virtual black and white kitten to “dress up” and care for! Download one of the best virtual pet backgrounds for Android™ and play with this adorable pet cat whenever you want to!
♥ Adorable “kitty cat backgrounds” for girls and boys!
♥ DRESS UP your black and white kitten in a fashionable manner!
♥ The wallpaper app is very easy on the battery – it will sleep when the phone is inactive!
♥ Best “virtual pet wallpaper” on the market!
Fashionable “kitty cat LWP” is coming to town! With ✪ Cute Kitty Live Wallpaper ✪ not only will you have the best kitten wallpapers, but you will also be able to play with the cutest “kitty cat”! Pet it, dress up the kitty according to the latest fashion trends, change the backgrounds – many hours of fun await you with this adorable “INTERACTIVE virtual pet live wallpaper”!
♥ Original art work!
♥ Tablet support!
♥ Wallpaper is running fast and smooth – based on OpenGL.
♥ Highly customizable – play a cute cat dress up game – change the type of the kitten's hat, necklace and glasses!
♥ Ten background images, plus three foreground types!
♥ Parallax 3D effect – turn it on or off! 
♥ Pet the kitten – it reacts to your touch!
♥ Tap left or right – the “cute cat” will follow you touch with its eyes, move its mustaches and paws or become sleepy! 
♥ Turn the sounds on or off – choose whether you want to hear the kitty cat meows and purrs or not;
♥ Animations – you can turn them off – but then the adorable kitten won't react to your touch;
♥ Thought clouds - cute kitty has a message for you – it will ask you to pet it, play with it or just pop a random 'I love you!' message!
♥ Change the color of the animated particles on the background.