Cartoon:Maritime City Wallpaper PRO

Published:2015-01-02 | Tag:City(14)Maritime(1) | Developed by admin

Your positive mood is guaranteed with our Maritime City Wallpaper! You will discover graphical colourful seaside city with a beautiful houses, vibrant sea, blinking street and window lights, cars, bright sky, stars, submarines, multicolour fishes, seahorses, a crab, sea devil and others sea habitants. You will meat some extraterrestrials on the seabed. The wallpaper looks like graphical picture filled with bright joyful colours. It will bring you a plenty of positive emotions! Realistic street agleam lights and sky change during the day and night. Amazing star sky at night.
- Day/Night/Morning/Evening mode. The wallpaper can be synchronised with real time of all daytime and night. It’s possible to apply different speed of the day/night change* Day mode only in free version.
- Cars beeps on touch and increase the motion speed, *
- Windows broke and blow out on screen touch. Windows light up in random order at night, the number of windows at night is configurable* 
- The number of cars, car speed are configurable*
- The number of stars is configurable*
- The number of clouds and their speed are configurable *
- Many interactive elements – fishes, boat, clouds, windows, UFOs, cars, submarines – they react on screen touches. The interactivity can be turned on\off with the corresponding wallpaper setting.
- UFOs, submarines, clouds, the boat, fishes, cars increase their speed on screen touch.
- It works for a vertical and a horizontal screen
- Free version has a trial period when it works as a PRO version – 3 hour after installation. But the possibility to change wallpaper settings isn’t accessible for free version at all.
*In paid version only
PERMISSIONS: Internet access to show Ad on the settings screen, check usage statistics and send crash reports.
Works great with phones, tablets, or any device that supports live wallpapers.
Problems? Just email our support team with the model of your phone and a description of the problem.