Creative:Colorful Android Live Wallpaper

Published:2014-09-09 | Tag:Colorful(9) | Developed by admin

Colorful Live Wallpaper presents a spectacular and unique “color palette” that brings you thousands of color drops to paint your world and fill it with joy!
These “colorful wallpapers and backgrounds free” for download are waiting to start coloring your screen – green, yellow, orange, blue, red, purple and pink will make your screen look bright and vivid! Dip the brush and freshen up your desktop background!
✽✽Colormania starts now!✽✽
Ten amazing colorful live wallpapers for Android™ will be your favorite phone screen ornament! The song says, 'Somewhere over the rainbow.. the dreams come true'! Do you want your dreams to come true? Then, surround yourself with positive energy by placing a rainbow wallpaper on your desktop! Colors influence our mood very much, and bright colors mean a brighter day for you!