Creative:Magic Live Wallpaper

Published:2014-12-17 | Tag:Magic(6) | Developed by admin

✧Izzy wizzy, let's get busy with these beautiful magical wallpapers. Say goodbye to boredom because with this “magical app for tablet” or cellphone you'll always have some trickery to enjoy and play! The “magic show” starts when you install this app with “free magic wallpaper” – do it now and get lost in amazing illusions! You love 'the Wizard of Oz'? You dream to become as famous sorcerer? If so, this “magic wallpaper” is a great choice to personalize your phone! It will inspire you to learn all “magical games and tricks” from your book of magic! Fortune-telling, voodoo, magic words – nothing will stop you now!
✧Stop searching for other high definition app because this one has all the magic spells it takes to enchant you! You don't even have to say 'open Sesame', just tap with your finger and make wonders happen! Download this HD background image free of charge and be among the first to get a perfect live wallpaper! “Hocus Pocus” and everybody focus because here comes “Magic Live Wallpaper” - Let us do some “magic for free” today! By the time you say abracadabra your mobile will turn into a Wonderland where all “magic tricks” can be seen!
✧How to set the live wallpaper:
- Long press on the screen until a menu comes out. Choose the category “live wallpaper”, scroll down to “Magic Live Wallpaper”, open it and select the preferred background image.
- Choose the speed and amount of magical stars and shiny sparks floating on your screen.
Main features:
- You can choose from five beautiful HD magic backgrounds – more magic images are added each day!
- “Magic background” themes ideal for high resolution phones and tablets!
- Amazing graphics and vivid colors of this “magic live wallpaper” will make your desktop background look incredibly cheery and bright!
✧Get charmed under the spell of ten “magic backgrounds” including images of hat tricks, fairies, magical forest, unicorns,“dragon wallpapers” and other supernatural creatures and illusions! Watch out, a cute white bunny might pop out of that hat – your phone is now your magic wand, be careful how you handle it! Download this magic wallpaper and you will have fun all day! Show your friends some magic on your screen and charm them, too with this magical wallpaper! You can be a magician,too if you download this wallpaper for free. Enjoy magic on you screen with this fantastic background!
✧These supernatural wallpapers free are designed for people with sophisticated taste – images of magic garden, magician tricks, magical animals etc. will enchant everyone who sees them! Get this free Magic Live Wallpaper, tap on it and enter into your “dream world”! Shiny sparks glittering here and there make this wall paper astounding and truly magical, and make you a real wizard - move your finger, click and make new stars and sparkles appear! Put this “fantasy wallpaper” on your home screen and make it look so dreamy and splendid! Tricks with magic cards are out of fashion – impress your friends with some real performance by obtaining this “Magic live wallpaper”!
✧Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo and you have got the most beautiful “magic wallpaper HD”! Maybe you don't know how to do magic tricks but your mobile can do them for you! Download these magical images for free and become the best magician out there – you'll never get enough of this sorcery!