Creative:Grid Live Wallpaper Lite

Published:2015-01-16 | Tag:Grid(3)GarageApps(1) | Developed by GarageApps

Grid live wallpaper displays a square matrix of animated cells. From the settings menu you can adjust the amplitude factor, motion speed, rendering mode, distance between cells; choose different textures, different perspectives; apply color filtering and alpha processing.
This is not a movie... this is pure 3d realtime rendering!
This application runs on 2.2+ devices and requires OpenGL 1.0+ for 3d rendering; meaning a lot of processor power. Please use the settings from the performance section to adjust the wallpaper's rendering performance according to your device speed.
* Home > (Long press) > Live wallpapers > Grid Live Wallpaper Lite
* Home > Menu > Wallpapers > Live wallpapers > Grid Live Wallpaper Lite
* Promo video contains features from the full version.
* Please try this version before purchasing the full one.
* Please use the developers email for reporting bugs instead of writing them in reviews - thank you.
Due heavy processor activity this application may affect your battery usage or heat up your device. The creators of this application do not take any responsibility for any fault or damage caused by using this application. No warranties of any kind are given. Please use on your own risk.