Creative:Alien Plasma Tunnels 3D Live Wallpaper

Published:2015-09-16 | Tag:3D(86)Tunnels(1) | Developed by admin

Catch a chance to learn alien secrets traveling through incredible hyperspace tunnels faster than light. You may encounter inexplicable paradoxes that used to take place in the very first moments of our Universe.
Alien Plasma Tunnels 3D is an alien assisted interactive live wallpaper and eye-candy application that will enrich your visual experience beyond the limits of human imagination.
Do you remember the famous Interstellar movie where a brave team of explorers fly through a wormhole to save the humanity from a total extinction? Now you can experience the awesome feeling of traveling through a space-time continuum by observing the screen of your android phone or tablet.
There are 147 multicolor plasma tunnels fading into each other and disappearing in another dimensions. It’s really fascinating and hypnotizing eye-candy.
Swipe left or right to instantly teleport into the next stunning Tunnel! Swipe up or down to increase or decrease a speed of the flight and its direction! You can adjust the momentum according to your personal preferences from relaxing and meditative to incredibly fast and furious.
Double tap on your home screen to open settings of the live wallpaper! It has vast configuration options. First of all you will probably want to choose from the various Alien Tunnels groups. At this moment your can find there 7 different sets of the Tunnels. All of them are totally free of charge.
In latest version we have added a new mesmerizing option. Activate ‘Moving Eye’ checkbox in the settings screen and you will get directly into the shifting center of the Plasma Tunnels. It’s totally new unexplored world of complex 3D motion in a hyperspace.
The Alien Plasma Tunnels can be even more mesmerizing if you pair your android device with a big TV or Projector. It can drive a crazy music party or create a cozy romantic atmosphere in your bedroom. The possibilities of its practical applications are really endless.
You can run Alien Plasma Tunnels as a standalone application as well. It’s more than a live wallpaper – it’s an interactive visual application that you can control as you want. Just find Alien Plasma Tunnels in menu and launch it.
Unleash your imagination and start the journey of the century!