Games:The Nebulander LWP live wallpaper

Published:2014-10-06 | Tag:Nebulander(1) | Developed by admin

Sailing through space and cosmos. steampunk style LWP. Passenger of THE NEBULANDER.
The Nebulander starship can leave the atmosphere or land on earth. Enjoy amazing planets like Saturn. A steampunk manga style LWP. The basic version is free, and you can play with the Digger starship, change color, resize, move, with simple finger gestures.
If you want to enjoy all the starships, atmospheres, clouds, planets and satellites, you can buy the full version.
A Live wallpaper and interactive than ever seen before!
With a single finger can:
- Drag the ship up and down
- Increase or decrease the speed by simply changing desktop
- Resize double touch
And you can also:
- Throwing trash with one touch
- Taking a walk astronaut outside the starship on landing
- Launch a scanning probe.