Holiday:Halloween Graveyard 3D Live Wallpaper

Published:2015-10-01 | Tag:3D(86)Halloween(9)Graveyard(1) | Developed by admin

Halloween Graveyard 3D Live Wallpaper is a fun, spooky way to celebrate the holiday!
A dark, creepy graveyard that is home to a magical, murderous, knife-wielding skeleton, an eternally grinning evil pumpkin lit internally with flame, and a black cat that seems uncaring about the dangers that lurk there. All surrounding a central tombstone with engraving that you can customize to your heart’s content!
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Please watch the promo video as the screenshots do not capture the full effect of the Gyroscope Camera and the Animations in this live wallpaper.
• An atmospheric experience with rolling fog and brilliant lightning flashes.
• 4 Fully customizable lines of text on the large tombstone. If you would like to make a line appear to be blank, simply delete the text and add a single space.
• 2 Cameras, a Slide Camera and a Gyroscopic Camera for a great parallax experience.
• Ability to show or hide the Skeleton, Pumpkin, Cat, Fog, Light Flashes, Tombstone Text, and the Glowing Eyes in the background.
When setting the wallpaper, please wait a few seconds AFTER the logo disappears to hit the “Set Wallpaper” button to avoid errors.
Please send any technical issues to Issues cannot be solved through the comments system.