Holiday:Halloweener LWP 1.0 top live wallpapers

Published:2016-01-20 | Tag:top live wallpapers(2)Halloweener(1) | Developed by admin

Halloweener LWP 1.0 top live wallpapers

Do you like stylish screens with an artistic approach? Waiting for a Halloween? We got just what you desire. We don’t do “trick or treat” with your battery power. Just plain old art, moving or static, or making it look like a good old creepy movie you may remember from your past. Yes, we have pumpkins for you, as usual. We respect the way you respect Halloween. That’s why we show you a good picture of pumpkins and a creepy looking tree. What’s that in that LWP which makes it different from others, you may ask. Roses. Yeah, love is as usual a matter of life and death. And the Halloween has much more in common with the Valentine’s day than you may have thought before. In the end, everything is about love. Show your beloved one this creepy looking background, show also how much love is in this picture, by putting this person’s attention to the beautiful roses tilting in tact with the hearts of some unknown group of people. Is that you, your dog, or your whole family? We don’t know. Tell us.