Landscapes:RadiantWalls HD PlanetScapes Live Wallpaper ($1.49)

Published:2014-04-05 | Tag:RadiantWalls(1)PlanetScapes(1) | Developed by admin

Teleport your device into one of three fantasy landscapes with RadiantWalls HD - PlanetScapes.
Your device will transform into a window looking out onto the surface of the planet Avalon. Select from three radiant vistas, each with their own unique feel and atmosphere - you get three live wallpapers for the price of one!
• Night at Avalon's Falls - experience the night on Avalon as water falls off the edges of floating islands and into the passing wind.
• Day within Avalon's Sunridge Canyon - Peer down sunny valleys as windswept boulders float among the cliff walls.
• Sunset between Avalon's Frosty Northern Tundra - Glimpse the cold from a safe distance as snow cascades across the frigid plains.
These High-Definition Live Wallpapers work great with most phones, tablets, or any device that supports Live Wallpapers.
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