Ink Landscape 3D LWP android wallpaper

Published:2014-05-26  |   click:

This is a wall paper of Chinese painting style. Imagine that you are in the boat floating in the river leisurely. The trees and hills on the both sides are so beautiful. How poetic scene!
Download if you like the traditional Chinese painting!
Myshare 3D wallpaper, meaning dream, to create a different set of dynamic wallpaper, add color to your cell phone, your normal life as an unexpected increase in the fun. Phone has a dream like living a dream!
Additional notes:
The live wallpaper is used as with other live wallpapers, you can easily switch wallpaper on your phone's wallpaper setup page .
*Download and install, and then select Menu -> Wallpaper -> Live wallpaper ->
Current Version
Requires Android
2.3 and up

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