Landscapes:Space Free 3D Live Wallpaper

Published:2014-10-17 | Tag:Space(12)CygnusX(1) | Developed by CygnusX

Choose between Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and/or switch on/off ISS, Hubble, Challenger or even UFOs (in the Pro version).
Some awesome features: 
- The planets or moons with atmosphere scatter the light at sunrise/sunset. 
- Earth's cloud maps are dynamic. Not only they rotate with the planet, but their shape is changed over time.
- Some of the moons produce eclipses on the planets (and vice versa).
Quickly go to settings by either double tapping the screen (you can turn this feature off), or by going in the app drawer. 
Simulate swipe is handy for Samsung TouchWiz as this launcher doesn't allow parallax.
Planets available in the Free version:
- Mercury
- Venus
- Earth and Moon
- Mars with Deimos and Phobos
Planets available in the Pro version:
- Asteroids Belt (not a planet :D )
- Jupiter, Ganymede and Europa (Europa has geysers)
- Saturn (with rings and shadows on rings), Iapetus and Titan (Titan has atmosphere)
- Uranus (with its rings), Titania and Oberon 
- Neptune and Triton