Landscapes:Day Night City Fireworks LWP

Published:2014-12-14 | Tag:Night(13)fireworks(4) | Developed by Exacron

Day Night City Fireworks LWP, the new beautiful live wallpaper by Exacron!
It’s the live wallpaper of a seaside town with and integrated clock with 3D effect, wonderful fireworks and a lot of others realistic elements to enhance your wallpaper, such as aurora, fireflies, autumnal leafs, airplanes, fighters aircraft and airship; you could also choose whether to visualize the live wallpaper by day or by night. Another feature that makes even more special this live wallpaper is the wonderful mirror effect given by the reflection of water and the floating effect given by the movement of the waves, like you were watching the city on board of your personal yacht.The various nocturne effects, like the fireworks, fireflies and lights make it the ultimate live wallpaper for New Year’s Eve.
Day Night City Fireworks LWP comes out in a Free version, with wonderful special effects, where you can choose between day and night time, block and unlock the camera movement (floating effect given by the waves), activate and deactivate the clock (and change its colour), the airplanes and change the colour of the bridge; and in a Premium version, with a little donation, that will allow you to obtain a lot of visual effects that will make your friends go crazy, such as the fireworks, the aurora, the autumnal leafs, the fireflies, and you’ll also be able to add a fighter aircraft, an airship (and change its colour) and set up the automatic day-night cycle.
Everything is made thanks to a breath-taking 3D graphics, in full HD.
Features of the live wallpaper:
-3D live wallpaper
-High definition graphics
-Double click on the home screen to open the settings menu
-Possibility to buy the Premium version in the app
-possibility to remove the full screen adds.
Effects of the FREE Version of Day Night City Fireworks LWP:
-Choose between day and night
-Lock and unlock the camera movement (floating effect)
-Activate/Deactivate the clock
-Change the colour of the clock
-Change the colour of the bridge
-Activate/Deactivate the airplanes
Effects of the PREMIUM Version of Day Night City Fireworks LWP:
-Set up the automatic day and night cycle (duration: 15s, 30s, 60s, 120s)
-Activate/Deactivate the fighter aircraft
-Activate/Deactivate the fireworks
-Activate/Deactivate the aurora
-Activate/Deactivate the autumnal leafs
-Choose between day and night
-Lock and unlock the camera movement (floating effect)
-Activate/Deactivate the airship
-Change the colour of the airship
-Activate/Deactivate the fireflies
How to use the live wallpaper:
-Press and hold the home screen
-Choose “Wallpapers”
-Choose “Live wallpapers”
-Choose “Day Night City Fireworks LWP”
-Wait the loading of the live wallpaper
-Click on “Set up the wallpaper” 
-Have fun!