Landscapes:Snow Live Wallpaper

Published:2014-12-30 | Tag:Snow(6) | Developed by admin

♥'Snow Live Wallpaper'♥ is here to take you to the magical world of snow and winter. Let it take you like through the song. This snowfall free wallpaper is a perfect decoration for your phone if you love winter scenes and this time of the year. Get ready for the winter holidays with these amazing snow backgrounds! Create a perfect atmosphere with these cool pictures! Make friends with Frosty the snowman! If you are looking for the best snow wallpaper, then this is the right app for you! Make a snow cover on your screen – watch how small snowflakes turn your phone into a real “winter wonderland”! Download this snow live wallpaper now and decorate your smartphone with these winter backgrounds!
How to set the live wallpaper:
- Long press on the screen until a menu comes out. Choose the category “live wallpaper”, scroll down to “Snow Live Wallpaper”, open it and select the preferred background image.
- Choose the speed and amount of small snowflakes falling over your screen.
Main features:
- You can choose from five beautiful HD snowfall backgrounds – more snowfall images are added each day!
- “Winter background” themes ideal for high resolution phones and tablets!
- Amazing graphics and vivid colors of this “winter live wallpaper” will make your desktop background look incredibly cheery and bright!
Let a bunch of white snowflakes cover your screen and make a real winter show! Wish a Happy New Year and this snow live wallpaper will fill your screen with 2015 snow flakes! Don’t miss - heavy snowfall is coming towards your phone screen! ♥'Snow Live Wallpaper'♥ brings you the best snow landscape “HD wallpapers”! Download this cool app and have a true winter wonderland live on your desktop! Beautiful snowbound landscapes are waiting for you – if you love cold weather, you will adore these backgrounds! Make a real snow show – watch how calm snowflakes fill your screen from top to bottom! Retreat to the warmth of your home and enjoy the magic of snowfall without being cold or wet! Your desktop will look like a real snow globe with many ice crystals falling from the sky! Get this “free download” and “let it snow” on your screen!
Download ♥'Snow Live Wallpaper'♥ and enjoy lovely snow pictures on your desktop! Calm snowfall will help you cool down and make your phone look beautiful! If you like snowflake images, get this free app and you won't regret it! Beautiful snowbound landscapes are designed especially for you – if you love cold weather, you will adore these backgrounds! These are the best “winter wallpapers” - make a real snow show on your screen!
Freeze your phone with ♥'Snow Live Wallpaper'♥ - you will never be cold with these amazing HD backgrounds! Your favorite season is just a click away! Download this amazing application and get your unique snowy screen! Wonderful “winter wallpaper” with a flake of snow here and there will transform your phone into a real snow globe! Discover winter free wallpapers – your screen will become alive with dancing snowflakes! If you are one of them, get these live backgrounds – they will melt the ice from your heart! Enjoy the best snowfall wallpaper on the screen of your phone! We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!