Other:Steamy Window 1.1

Published:2014-03-30 | Tag:Steamy(1)Window(1) | Developed by admin

A very realistic foggy app which creates an impression that you are drawing art on the screen. 
Use it to show off to your friends and amaze the with your level of creativity
Draw on the steamy background that appears on your home screen.
✓ Accelerometer based water droplets. Clear the steam to see drops of water moving down the screen. Tilt your phone to direct the drops
✓ Blow through the microphone to apply fog or steam to the places cleared with steam.
✓ Save your steamy artwork on the SD card of your phone.
✓ Send the image to friends via facebook, twitter, gmail and other supported modes.
✓ Select custom background to apply the fog. You can choose from gallery or take a picture from camera.
Permissions used explained:
✓ Camera - used to take photo to set as background
✓ Write to SD card - Allows to save your artwork to your phone
✓ Recorder - used to listen to blowing on the microphone to apply fog
Download foggy window app today and use to amaze kids and fool your friends.
Current Version
Requires Android
2.2 and up