Alive Wallpaper v2.2.6

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1.Alive Wallpaper,the first ad-free platform presenting exquisite live wallpapers. 
2. Pure manual trial and selection guarantee the high quality of every single piece of work.
3.Only one tap of screen to change the live wallpaper on your free will.
4. Partial animation saves your power without any less charm of your screen. 
5.Come to us right way! An exquisite、easy、power-saving and ad-free Alive Wallpaper is waiting for your wonderful experience.
What's New
Version 1.7 improvements list
1 search support
2 Improved algorithm automatically change wallpaper, change wallpaper automatically fail to solve the problem
3 additions to the library in my wallpaper settings automatically change wallpaper quickly
4 Fix important bug: cause the phone to automatically change wallpaper wallpaper does not display properly after restart
5 new wallpaper in the library when removed wallpaper Select Delete function
Current Version
Requires Android
2.1 and up

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