Other:Diamonds Chic Luxury Fall Flow Live Wallpaper

Published:2014-11-06 | Tag:flow(3)Diamonds(2) | Developed by admin

Sparkling time lapse chic precious stones in a slow fall twirl dance motion.
Really full HD, really 3D.
No any static pictures, truly live 3D animation in full HD appearance.
Sounds available.
Don’t even think to wave aside!
This flow of large diamonds will reach you all the same!!!
Diamonds chic luxury flow fall.
A stream of wonderful beautiful large diamonds,
it whirls you in the dance of luxury and richness.
Sparkling, chic precious stones in a slow motion…they reflect the light and shine spreading the light all around.
Such picture makes think of beauty, beautiful and luxurious things.
Mother-nature created a real masterpiece, a piece of art.
Take handfuls of these friends of any girl and make a diamond rain above your head.
Deep into the world of beauty and luxury, see the reflections of the stones in your eyes.