Other:SpinIt Android Live Wallpaper

Published:2014-11-21 | Tag:SpinIt(1) | Developed by Hujo Apps

Bring your phone or tablet to life with SpinIt Live Wallpaper. This interactive live wallpaper reacts to your touch as well as your device’s movements. With themes that evolve with the time of the day.
Tablets and phones are fully supported in both portrait and landscape modes. Utilising OpenGL 2.0 for realtime 3D movement. The dynamic backgrounds will brighten up any device.
Customisable settings:
+ Spin elements with every swipe
+ 3D parallax effect 
+ Elements, colours and lighting change with the time of day
+ Constant gradual spin animation
Choose from a variety of vibrant themes:
+ SpinIt 
+ SpinIt Pastel
+ SpinIt Slate
+ SpinIt Sugar-coated
+ SpinIt Color Pop
+ Ice BOOM!
+ Discs
+ Rainbow Streaks
+ Charcoal Streaks
+ Sunrise
+ Rainbow Tunnel
+ Spheres Cool
+ Spheres Warm