Other:3D Live Wallpaper - Dark City

Published:2014-12-31 | Tag:3D(79)City(13) | Developed by admin

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*****Load Wallpaper Fully Before Pressing "Set Wallpaper"******
*All screenshots and videos are of the pro version
This app is a 3D Live Wallpaper with a full 360 degree view which changes view based on the device's orientation. Specifically, a scene of a cyberpunk futuristic city is shown with beautiful views. Currently there is nothing on the Google Play Store which can compare to the innovative nature of this app.
As you can see by the screenshots above, dedSPHERE 3D Live Wallpapers use virtually no battery. 3D Live Wallpapers are known for their HUGE battery consumption, which is not an issue due to our ingenious code structure.
Upgrade to the pro version to access pro features such as improved graphics, more scene detail, and selectable camera views. Also, you can help support the indie developer who has taken nearly 2 years to develop this technology.
Thanks for checking us out! I plan to develop many more scenes in the future.