Diamonds HD Live Wallpaper

Published:2015-01-13  |   click:

Enjoy the magical shine and wonderful shapes of crystals!
Surprise yourself and your friends by magical reflections and glare of diamonds. Bright sparkling diamonds and crystals raise the spirits any day or holiday.
Realistic graphics, special effects in high quality and carefully selected content will decorate any of your phone or tablet
Free version has base set of features:
-Wonderful diamonds and crystals with color settings
-Multicolor particles with delicate bokeh effect and realisic festive sparks
-Variable size of the particles
-Intricate backgrounds with exquisite designs
-Lens blur and vignetting effect for more realistic graphics
RRO version has additional set of features:
-Extra wonderful diamonds, crystals, backgrounds, particles and sparks
-Dynamic color change and battery power level color indication
-Adjustable particles flickering speed
-Camera zoom
And also:
-Smooth OpenGL graphics witth setings for customizing performance
-Adaptation for devices with various resolution (include HD and ultra HD) and various GPU
More diamonds, effects, settings end extra stuff soon!

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