Other:Jacob's Ladder 3D Wallpaper

Published:2015-01-27 | Tag:3D(79) | Developed by Cardboard Dreams

Jacob's Ladder is the most advanced, beautiful, and energy-efficient Live Wallpaper experience you will find on the Play Store. It brings to life an elegant world of color and shape, one that responds to your every touch. You'll be hypnotized as this family of cubes rearranges itself into new and unpredictable structures. It's dazzling, and always impressive.
Expertly crafted to be energy-efficient
□ Jacob's Ladder has been crafted to be virtually invisible to your battery.
□ You can double-tap the screen at any time to freeze the Live Wallpaper into a still image, then double-tap the screen again to re-immerse yourself right where you left off.
You can learn more about how we've optimized Jacob's Ladder at http://mycardboarddreams.wordpress.com/jacobs-ladder-live-wallpaper
Immerse yourself in an elegant, hypnotic world
□ Run your fingers on the screen and watch the cubes realign themselves in unique and organic patterns.
Personalize your background
□ Select from a variety of colorful themes crafted to suit your personal style.
□ Easy access to settings
□ Pause the wallpaper by double-tapping on the screen. Then swipe upwards on the wallpaper to open the settings panel.