Plant:Autumn Live Wallpaper 2014

Published:2014-11-21 | Tag:Autumn(5) | Developed by admin

Autumn Live Wallpaper 2014 is an amazing collection of HD pictures for the background of your tablet
or smartphone. The pictures change at regular intervals.
Autumn is always a beautiful time of year, as it offers an outstanding canvas of warm colors,
that cannot be seen at any other time in the year. This live wallpaper captures the essence
fo the season and brings it to your tablet or smartphone.
The pictures cycle as a slideshow with a fadeout effect and you can select
how often they change, or you can turn the slideshow off
and enjoy a single picture of your choosing as a normal wallpaper.
You can change the current picture at any time from the menu settings.
The live wallpaper also has a parallax feature, which you can turn off as well.
- Outstanding pictures that cycle over time. 
- All of the pictures are in HD.
- Parallax effect.
- Uses OpenGL for quality rendering of the images.
- Optimized for both smartphones and tablets.
- Optimized for battery usage.