Plant:WPS Video Live Wallpapers

Published:2015-05-09 | Tag:WPS(1)Video(1) | Developed by admin

Wallpaper Spotlight is a live wallpaper marketplace, through which you can purchase and download hundreds of different wallpapers. One free sample is included, and more free wallpapers are occasionally available for download.
WPS is different from other lives wallpapers because it uses realtime video decoding instead of sprites or locally rendered content. This means a different type of wallpaper is possible. While other wallpapers usually depict animated or computer generated imagery, WPS can provide both that and looping live-action video footage.
WPS supports all Android versions back to 2.3. However, realtime video decoding requires a lot of processing power and memory, and some older phones may experience lower framerates or video loading problems. Download the app and try the free wallpapers to gauge performance before purchasing paid wallpapers. If a purchased wallpaper does not work for any reason please contact us within 7 days and we will refund the purchase.
WPS requires 10MB for installation, plus another 5-15MB for each additional wallpaper you choose to download. You can choose to only download some of the wallpapers you've purchased to save space.
If you want to purchase paid wallpapers but don't have the extra cash, refer some friends. For every five dollars they spend you receive one dollar credit on your account. No purchase is necessary to redeem your credits.